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Now that it’s October, Halloween is right around the corner! After that comes Thanksgiving and Christmas along with all the other sugary treats we look forward to! While we can still enjoy these, we need to watch our intake of the amount of sugar we eat. Sweets high in sugar are the number one contributor of tooth decay. Examples are soft drinks, sour or gummy candies, acidic juices, and sticky foods. Bacteria in your mouth feeds off of sugar then produces an acid that strips the enamel off your teeth. It also creates lots of plaque which can cause bad oral health and decay.

What can you do to keep sugar from rotting your teeth? A few ideas are swishing with water after eating sweets, being consistent at brushing and flossing your teeth daily, using mouth rinse, and visiting your dentist for your routine exams. If you already have damaged teeth, don’t wait! It is best to take care of it while the problem is small rather than waiting for it to get larger.