In the case that a tooth becomes significantly damaged or decayed, our dentists may recommend a restoration called a crown. A dental crown is a cap that fits over the entire tooth, starting at the gums. This returns the tooth to its optimal structure, size, and shape. Each crown is custom made to match the appearance of your natural teeth and to blend in beautifully with your smile. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including gold, porcelain, or porcelain fused to metal. Dr. Glazier may recommend a porcelain crown if you are interested in a restoration that is custom color matched to your natural tooth shade. Our dentists will help you determine which type of crown is right for your personal dental needs and goals.

At Arbor Dental, we may suggest a crown for a variety of restorative and aesthetic purposes. A crown may be used to:

  • Restore a seriously decayed or damaged tooth
  • Protect a tooth following root canal therapy
  • Enhance the appearance of a severely stained or darkened tooth
  • Support a large filling if little original tooth structure remains
  • Improve a misshapen tooth
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Attach a bridge

We invite you to contact our office today to discover whether a dental crown in Cedar City, Utah, is right for your smile.